Almost Two Months Gone

Yeah, I don’t miss the Crown Vic one bit. Hindsight is 20:20, but it’s telling me I probably should have sold it back in late May. In the last few months of its life, it only became more and more of a headache. Occasionally stalling in traffic at random, having both the old and a brand new IACV stick open and/or cause surging, phantom CELs, weird transmission glitches that weren’t repeatable on command, ABS going into ice mode on dry pavement, having all five wheel studs on a drive wheel fail despite proper lug nut torque and hub-centric wheels, and the final straw which was transmission slip closely followed by losing third gear. Good riddance to all the money it ate, all the trouble it caused, all the apologies I had to make for it, and all the times it tried to kill me and/or other people. Even after scrapping it, I’m still dealing with its mess both literally and figuratively.


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