I’m sprucing up my Rocky Mountain Spice from eons ago; 2001.. getting it back into shape to keep up to my kidlets and their newfangled bikes..

Not mine, but same same..

First step was take off the Ritchey clipless pedals and get some flats for jumping on and off 100x.. Some RF Chesters fit the bill;


Next up tires, I still had originals on there with cracking sidewalls and all little 1.9 cross country things.. Nothing like what is at the shop these days. I went with some Maxxis DHF front and back in 2.5

Now, here was a hiccup - my shipment came in from ChainReaction in UK and I opened the box to find these;


700 x 25C Vittoria Zaffiro Clinchers, whoops.. I picture a lycra roadie opening their box to find a pair of Maxxis just as confused as I was.. It’s all sorted and a new shipment is headed my way.

So for a quick $150 or so my old bike is back in action. Let’s see how it does before I start shopping for a new bike.


Right now I need to figure out how to carry 4 bikes at once, last weekend we had three in the canopy and it was full.. Looking at the Yakima Holdup and the Thule T2 right now..

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