Alonso: Make the Cars Fun or I'm Peacing the Fuck Out

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“I think that my biggest question is how I enjoy driving next year’s car; if the rules stay as they are now, and I have to save fuel, I have to save tyres, I have to drive 90 per cent and I cannot push in any of the laps, then next year will be my last year,” says Fernando Alonso, who like us is getting sick of F1's bullshit. He spells this out in an interview with, in which he feels parallels with Valentino Rossi, except for the fact that MotoGP is not run by a band of incompetent idiots.


“Not because I’m not competitive, even if I win the championship next year, I stop because I prefer other things more,” says Fernando- basically, even if he miraculously wins the championship, he’ll retire if the cars continue to be boring, heavy, and fucked six ways to Sunday.

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