Alpina stripes, cool or ...?

And yes, this is just another post about me wondering what car to get next. After looking (online) at almost every E 60/61 with a 6 cyl for sale in Germany, I thought why not Alpina? This D3 BiTurbo hits my age/mileage/budget limits, and while I really like Alpinas and would ignore that this is a 4 cyl E90, I just can’t see myself actually driving it. At the end of the day it’s just another modded 3 series that isn’t an M3, and I fear that I would have to spend too much time boring non car people to death about how this is not a BMW.

Nice car, I just feel too old for this shit. It’s like you can’t just drive it, I would feel like I have to explain.


38 y/o me would feel like suddenly starting to wear a baseball cap backwards or something.

And I would have no problem rocking this.


So, am I weird or are the stripes a bit too much?

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