With late June coming up the Alps summer Europpomeet is closing in as well. We’ve create a preliminary route which is still a work in progress. Any suggestions for routes, stops or anything else is welcome. Open to participants as well! Fly in or drive yourself. (updated April 22th)

Note that these things are still fun with 2 people in 1 car, so if you want to keep costs down it’s something to consider.

Personally I’d focus on the part roughly in the red circle above, as it’s very nice and a lot more cost effective than Switzerland. Western Austria, North Western Slovenia, South Tirol (Italy), maybe a tiny part of Switzerland (avoiding highways (tolls), diner and Swiss Francs) or even Liechtenstein just because. But that’s merely the plan that’s in my head at this moment.


Edit April 19: After a conversation with Out, but with a ZZW30 I came up with a very preliminary route, with two loops. The loops are roughly 12 hours of non-stop driving each (source: google maps), which is a comfortable length when spread out over 2 or maybe 3 days each. So one could opt for one loop for a weekend or both loops for a weekend plus a few days.

Left loop


Right loop

Edit April 22:

Route updated. The two loops above are out (for now). The route as it is now is shown below. 20 hours non-stop. Do half in 2 days or do it all in 4. Including lots of time for activities/sight seeing. Map is interactive.


Europpomeet June 2017

Current (work in progress) map: https://trips.furkot.com/board/fZykDd

Included in this route suggestion are the following passes and mountain roads:

  • Stelvio
  • Gavio
  • Hahnten
  • Fluela
  • Albula
  • Penser
  • Timmels
  • KĂĽhtai
  • Dolomite loop
  • Brenner (old)

As always, suggestions are greatly appreciated!