Progressive apparently really has their shit together, I had an estimate for repair of the damages from being sideswiped by an F-250 back within 24 hrs of the collision. They are estimating a total of $850 in damages; $510 in labor, $178 in new parts, and $165 in “additional labor.”

I took the wheel off and checked the various suspension parts, they all look to be in good shape, and the wheel has no wobble, so it looks like the bearing is OK.

Got some better shots in the daylight after cleaning off the road grime and the rubber from his tire. It’s actually less damage to the paint than I initially thought, but the paint on the rim is pretty messed up.


All told thus far this has been surprisingly painless, aside from the guy that hit me trying to claim that I hit him. My car is mechanically fine, I’m not hurt at all, and, as long as Progressive can get his insurance to pay up, I should have $850 for my troubles.

My plan is the buff out the scratches that aren’t on the front quarterpanel, get someone to fix the dent, then repaint the quarterpanel myself and buy a new rim, but I can wait for a sale before I do that.

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