Because you couldn’t get enough of Hammerhead says last time I have returned to hear your questions, and today you ask:

HammerheadFistpunch. What do you think of the New Edge ST?

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Its a sport package on an old midsized crossover.

Wait, is that it?

Yeah, pretty much

What about the sullying of the ST name?

What you mean the one that also stands for Sanitary Towel? As far as I can figure out they are finally using this name right.


But...the other ST?!

Yeah I guess they could have just kept it as edge sport, or edge GT or edge SVR or any number of qualifiers.


BUT IM ANGRY, should I sell my ST out of digust?!

*sniggers* sure. Go for it, knock yourself out. That’ll show em.

Fine! Then what do you think they should have done?

Added 100 more hp and huge black spoiler...and maybe some mag wheels, yeah that would have been sweet.



Yeah, why not? if you are competing in the hot not-a-minivan space you better bring your “A” game.


But im still mad at Ford.

Thats not a question.


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