Alright Boys and Girls, Decision Made.

Looking into swapping the motor in my 1994 Voyager again, seeings the current 3.3L is severely underpowered compared to the 3.8 it replaced.

I’ve been toying with 2 options:

1. Get an 01+ 3.3L and swap the top end onto my current block, which essentially makes a high comp/cammed 3.3L. Research shows this combo is good for around 210 whp/240 ft-lbs+, but it is a lot of work to pull off thanks to needing to mix parts from each engine.


2. Get an 01+ 3.8L and rewire it to run on my ecm. This makes 215hp/245ft-lbs and only requires swapping some sensors/wiring, the flexplate, and the timing cover so the mount works.

Option 1 nets slightly more power, but requires significant work and premium fuel to keep it happy.


Option 2 nets 65hp/65ft-lbs over my current setup while retaining a mostly stock engine.

Either way, I’m on the lookout for a cheap 3.3/3.8 so I can get this done. Definitely leaning on option 2, now I just need to get the details figured out before I proceed, such as dealing with the returnless fuel system the 01+ engines run.


Yes this means I’ve decided to keep the rally van.

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Hopefully someone else on here has some more insight on this.


I’ve decided to go for option 2 as it seems the simplest/most reliable way to get a good power bump.


Now I’m on the hunt for a good 3.8l so I can start the swap. I’m also trying to get everything figured as far as what I’ll need to make it work.

From what I can gather (from the limited info out there):

I’ll need to use my flexplate so the pickup for the crank sensor is correct. I’ll need to swap my timing cover in so the factory motor mount can be used. I’ll need to sort the wiring so everything reads as it should, including swapping sensors where needed. I may need to go to longer throttle and cruise control cables as the TB is on the opposite side of the engine bay. Exhaust should bolt right up. Intake will be custom as I’m going to be rebuilding my snorkel at the same time.


The only part I’m not sure about is the fuel setup. My engine uses a return style setup, the newer engine is returnless, so how to get that all to work I’m unsure.

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