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Alright, I know this is more like a #Groupthink thing

But I can't post there, so I'm gonna tell you guys, I'm in shock.


Last night, I was cleaning the attic of my gf's home(because her dad is in a business trip to Asia and the thing has to be clean, in order for her family to sell the house and move to a house that's got a pool and because she is such a great gf), she was still back at my place gossiping with a friend of hers. I found a box, a w0dden box, that was nailed. I am a curious guy, I got a crowbar and I opened that box, inside, it had 4 smaller cardboard boxes, 3 were empty, but the 4th had a leather covered box in it, the box was locked, I forced the lock, and here comes the strange part, it was full of my gf's mother(let's call her Jane), pictures, videotapes, letters, toys and some more recent pics and dvd's, with her occasional cougar style nights out, Jane was a stripper and a high end escort, before she met her husband, and now she is a closet cougar. The goody good wife, mother and republican voter has a darker side, sluttier side and that made me thinking at all kind of things. She was bringing me a snack, when she saw me looking at her naughty stuff. She let a short scream get away from her lungs, and dropped the plate with the coke glass and the Doritos, making a small mess on the floor I just cleaned, thanks a lot.


Then she started crying, begging me not to tell anything to anyone, she got on her knees, and before I could say anything, starting do the thing she was so good at, in her escort years. It was unreal, my possible future mother in law, giving me a bj with dt. After doing her thing, with my milk still on her lips, she gave me a slutty kiss, saying "Is this enough to keep your mouth shut?". I was like WTF? Why do are hiding this? I think your family would've understand you, lying is not the answer, especially when you try to stop your daughter from being a rebel anymore(I will make sure she stays that way, hehe)? Then I stopped for a few seconds, and looked into her eyes, and I started to understand. Sometime, you need to reset your life. I told her that I don't blame her, and that if I were in her place, I would've probably did the same thing. She was so happy that I wasn't judging her anymore, she jumped on me and started kissing and licking my face. I told her to stop, but that only made her continue, there's no way to stop a cougar. We had sex for almost two hours, I think that we both enjoyed it, and before leaving she told me that there's a lot more where.that came from, if I keep my mouth shut. When I got home, my gf was almost asleep, on my bed, I crawled next to her, telling her that I'm exhausted and there won't be any action tonight, I was sleeping the next second.

Now, my gf is still asleep, and I'm thinking, what to do? I don't want to lie her, and if I'm doing it with her mom, is it really as bad ass cheating her with some sleazy street whore? This is one of those cases when telling the truth is worse than being a liar and a cheater. I know, it sounds like a crappy soap opera, but some soap operas, are inspired by life.


Also, if any of you can post on GT, I would appreciate if you shared this there, Jezzies can give some good advices.

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