Alright my fine ladies and gentlemen. I have recently purchased a 1999 Honda Accord Coupe LX V6 3.0 Auto (156K on odo, pictures forthcoming) for my stepson to D.D. I have already experienced the dancing needle of the temperature gauge which gave me a relatively mild although noticeable case of "sphincterus pucker-upus" on my drive into the office this a.m. On a second drive to have the vehicle insured the needle sat right where i believe she should be. :: shrugs :: How about a heads up of common issues, concerns and even perhaps some reference sites for service manuals, etc. from any of you who have previously or currently own one of these automobiles. My understanding is that the crank sensor, cam sensor have been recently replaced. The transmission was also recently rebuilt and the power steering pump was replaced although I notice a disconcerting "whine" emanating from under the hood when at a stop. Anyhow..give me what you got....GO!