Alright oppo, could really use some advice with this one. Especially Oppos who have dealings with shitty neighbors, municipal/street codes in Oregon, etc.

A little background: So as many of you likely know, my 1985 635csi is my (more or less) DD. I also recently aquired an x308, and it is currently being kept in my garage. It’s a 2 car driveway, with a trailer on one side so really only space to access the garage. This means since I got the jag (last week) the e24 has been street parked. I ensure that I drive it every 3 days, at least, while it’s parking there. When I park it I also make sure that it’s not even close to the same spot as last time, due to issues with this in a similar situation before. I also have some lovely neighbors in my cul-de-sac, we’re talking barely running bro trucks littered everywhere, multiple violations of parking codes and street ordinances everyday. Parking vehicles side by side?! (Who the f**k does this) along the street. Not in front of each other but side by side. This is all from one little inbred wanna-be redneck family, who has a recorded history of harassing me. Long story short, the feud started with him trying to act like billy badass, then me stepping up and him running home, calling the police and telling them he was “in fear for his life” if that gives you an idea of the type of bro we are dealing with here. They ended up calling the police on my residence so many times and for such stupid things (I get really into my video games, sue me), that the last time an officer was here, he was laughing the whole time, and ended up going over there to give them a warning about misuse of an emergency number, and the possibility of a private lawsuit for harrasment (3 years ago-ish).


So today I go outside (I drove my car then parked it over 50 ft away from prev. Spot) and guess what’s waiting for me,


Not. Happy. (All the vehicles you see on the street in the background Sans the tent trailer belongs to the bros. At least one of them is currently not running whatsoever. Also, please excuse the dirty bimmer.)

It may seem a little paranoid that I jump to the conclusion that it’s their fault right? Maybe not so. I called the city of salem, who is responsible for these notes, and the supervisor informed me that they only leave the notes, they field the calls and complaints from citizens, then they head out. They now have a note in their system so it won’t be happening again, but I’d really like to deal with these neighbors. All my other nearby neighbors are fairly friendly and have commented that they like my cars and how I take care of them at one time or another, I don’t think they would complain. At this point I’ll be waiting outside their driveway when they get home to have a little, erhm, “chat” with the head of the household.


Anybody have advice? Should/can I sue? Should I just get my money’s worth from my friendly neighborhood bro? You tell me oppo.

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