The needle is quickly leaning towards “I need a new car” as opposed to a few months ago when it was “I want a new car.” There’s a host of nagging issues with the Si, some a smidge more serious than others, that are starting to show.

So, I turn to you all for opinions, suggestions, and etc for my next car.

Requirements: 4 doors preferred, though I’ll stick with a coupe if it has a semi reasonable back seat. Also, can I get a sport trim if we go the sedan route, I want to still feel like I’m 24 and not 30 with kids and an Optima driving them to school. No trucks, SUVs, crossovers, or wagons (don’t hurt me please).

Financial: 30k OTD or less

New, used or CPO: doesn’t matter to me, just no buying from your local “Buy here, pay here lot”


Make/model: doesn’t really matter, open to really anything as I’ve only owned acura/honda cars before

What I’ve looked at so far online: 2018 Honda Accord Sport, CPO Acura TLX SH-AWD, 2018 Civic Si Sedan, 2014-2016 Q50s, 2017+ BRZ’s w/performance pack, 2017+ Toyota GT86, 2014+ Volvo S60 R’s, 2015+ Nissan 370z’s


Location: I’m in NJ, no issue going as far north as CT or as south as Delaware, no issue staying in the tri state...Ideally I’d like to not have to use my company to transport a car to my home.