I am looking to replace my Crown Victoria as my DD in the late summer early fall.[The car won't be sold but turned into a autocross/ralllycross car with several performance upgrades and will still see occasional DD duty.]

Now I have two cars which I have been looking at with lustful eyes, the Subaru BRZ and Ford Fiesta ST. Both offer reasonable space, performance, and MPG withough being boring or hideous. Both fall in to my price range(although the BRZ is stretching it if I want any options.) I just can't make up my mind, the BRZ wins points for being RWD and it's clearly sporting intent but the Fiesta has MOAR POWWWWWWAA and is also cheaper and available with more amenities, and I feel the Fiesta looks better especially in the orange. As the time approaches I keep flip flopping and would like some input from the opponauts.