In two hours, a plane is landing. I am picking someone up from the airport who is currently on that plane. We have not seen each other in 6 months. I have this entire week off from work. She does not go back to classes until next monday.......No offense, but you're probably not going to hear nor see much from me until then. However I am going to the Crystal Rallycross up in Crystal, MI this weekend and she is coming with so if you are in Michigan and want to see a blue fiesta get sideways on dirt then stop by and say hi.

Someone take over my duties on oppo - spread the good word of the FiST, spin tales of autocrossing GM W-bodies, defend TG:USA a little bit and tease K-roll. Oh, and make sure to talk about cars everyone else forgot about like the Daihatsu Charade DeTomaso 926R - if someone could make a neat little post on that while I'm gone, that would be pretty much all you need.

I don't think I'm forgetting anything.......So yeah, have fun Oppo. Be back soon. Try not to be dicks to each other, I take on that role personally.