As many of you alreayd know, I ordered a Fiesta ST a while back. By a while back, I mean the middle of January........IT HAS NOT COME IN YET!!!!!!!!

Current estimates place the car in the Kansas City railyard with an ETA of the week of the 21st. I've had enough. Unless Ford intends to honor the corportate coupons they sent out that expired because my car has been delayed MULTIPLE TIMES since ordering, I'm seriously tempted to back out and get a 9-3 turbo X as posted here. 33k miles for 20k$ and it is the wagon?!?!?!?! SOLD! But still......for about 23k after discounts I can get the Fiesta ST. So the question boils down to

Brand new Fiesta ST?


Or a lightly used Saab 9-3 Turbo X sportcombi?

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