So I’m coming from the left on Church Street and turning onto South Park Street (from the above image, I’d be going up South Park). I come to a full stop at the intersection, make sure no cars are coming or people, then proceed to turn. My front wheel is in the crosswalk when all of a sudden a woman SCREAMS at me from the crosswalk, she was no more than 2 steps off the corner. Insert a ton of expletives thrown at me because “I nearly killed her” at my 5mph fury, she punches my trunk or spoiler...and i drive off. I pull up no less than 10 feet down the road to pick someone up and as soon as my passenger gets in my car, the same woman comes running up to my open window and screams “YOU’RE SUPPOSE TO STOP JACKASS” and again punches my car. I could have smelt this womans breath if I turned my head.

Honestly, if I wasn’t with someone, I would’ve confronted her..but I just drove off cause I had places to be. So I have to ask, if you see someone at the curb of a crosswalk and you’re 2 seconds from going through it, do you stop? Are you suppose to? Is it more illegal for my vehicle to be stopped in an intersection than to let someone who’s at the curb cross?