I have a theory. Or at least some questions. But first, watch the new trailer (maybe again).

This centers on a small section of this trailer and the second trailer for The Force Awakens. If you don’t remember that one, here it is.

So these two screenshots are the same scene. I’ve left which video and the time stamp on them. Same position, same lighting, and same cracks in the ground they’re on.


But what exactly are they looking at? I have to assume it’s a jedi temple or something similar where I assume Luke was trying to train the next generation of Jedi. It’s obviously important because, if I remember correctly, it was in Rey’s series of images when she goes into the basement of that bar and they’ve included it in 2 trailers so far. But what I don’t quite understand is the scene directly following this in the newest trailer. Who is walking up through the fire? I maybe have a vague idea but I’m not quite sure. So that’s my question. Who is it?

Anyway, Aerotech if you made it through my ramblings

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