Alright, WHO Took my Coolant

I don’t know who it is, but SOMEONE is deliberately siphoning coolant out of my reservoir. I’m sure of it. Now whoever is doing this, would you please, kindly return my coolant?

Jokes aside, I’ve been having this intermittent issue with my Camry, where the coolant reservoir will suddenly go empty. The first time I noted this happening, was on August 23rd. On that day, I popped the hood to check my oil and noticed the coolant reservoir was bone dry. I opened up the radiator cap and to my surprise, it was very low as well. I was shocked, because I pop the hood every other week to check the oil and the last time I did that, it was still full.


Needless to say, when I saw that, I added coolant to the reservoir, up to the “cold” full line and topped off the radiator.

Fast forward to yesterday, I popped the hood and noticed the reservoir was very, very low, yet again! Just last week, the reservoir was still at the full mark, so I don’t understand how it just suddenly gets that low!

In a previous post, (exactly one week ago, actually), I mentioned that spot of coolant in the driveway.... I checked the coolant that same day, and it was still at the “full” mark!


So where did all of that coolant suddenly vanish to?

And no, the coolant tank is not cracked, I checked that first. That has been replaced not too long ago.

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