Most ‘Murican Craigslist car ad I have seen this year.

(preserved below)

Here’s an 87 badass burban that screams I love Pbr and Nascar. This bad bitch could probably run on dip spit and stripper glitter but I keep putting unleaded in it, it’s cheaper. This pig has 37/12.50/16.5. Tires don’t even run on the fenders could be from the stage 3 weight reduction #rusty-but-trusty or it clears the tires with the straight axle with lockouts the overload springs and the 6" bags. And with the built suspension and you can rescue all the fords and daddy’s money trucks from the ditch. And if you just got your license and your dads gonna buy you this all you’ll need is moto metals some nitto 420s and a dirty money sticker. This truck has 350 cubic inches of bald eagles screaming. 87 was the first year of the tbi. Starts every time right away no long crank. So come buy this big old bastard and let the eagles scream.

Chevy Chevrolet Suburban truck 4x4 off-road mud truck Dodge Ram (ford sucks) America lifted daily driver straight axle freedom panty dropper straight pipe

I don’t want/need your help selling this truck. If you try to help me sell this truck I’m going to tell you to lick my butthole, that’s up to you if you want to or not.