So, I'm thinking Minako (My lovely, reliable Mazda3) needs a set of yellow fogs to complete the JDM, Yo! appearance package. That, and I'm wanting to throw the entire Corksport catalog of chassis bracing at her, but I also need to get Ilaria (the Fiat) up here.

Plus, I has a house to furnish, since at the moment, my furniture consists entirely of a single queen-size inflatable mattress.

So, do I put more money into the Mazda's appearance/handling, ship the Fiat or furnish a house.. That be the question.

Realistically, I'm doing the house first. But, I caught myself /almost/ clicking the order button on Tasca's parts catalog, to get the fog install kit on its way.

I should probably get Ilaria up here, though. I can then roll through Lawrence and get ALL THE LADIES!!! (Or, more realistically, cry as AAA comes to return her back to the house, because she broke again.)

Mature adult picture, because I'm still having trouble getting over the idea of being a mature adult.