Have you seen it? Non-spoiler review

I just finished the last episode.... And was blown away. My favorite Netflix series to date, and that’s saying something after enjoying The Punisher so much a few months ago.

Here’s some thoughts. Will mark as spoiler when necessary...

Sci-fi has always been about pushing the boundaries, but even so... this is one of the first relatively big series I’ve seen where LGBT relationships are portrayed realistically (as in not just the stylish, impeccably dressed buff gay guy trope, etc.) while at the same time feeling completely unforced. You never end up feeling like they just added more diversity to appease certain crowds, or for political relavance. The diversity is a part of the universe, and it feels natural. There are also some... “unique” relationship situations that go hand in hand with the world building, but to say more would be spoilery. Let’s just say that tattood beard-grandma was surprisingly emotive, and made me feel things. “Is... Is someone cutting onions in here?! Stop it!”


That said... The cynic in me wonders if Netflix decided to see exactly how close they could get to a non-white male lead without actually ccommitting to the deed. That will make more sense if you’ve at least seen a few episodes, but again this is just minor nitpicking on a more meta level and at the end of the day the casting was excellent. Fresh faces and experienced actors alike (anyone else watch Bones...?) really dragged you in with multi-dimensional characters with their own goals

the writers have done wonderful world building, showing a possible future for all of us some time in the future. Frankly, the issues facing the protagonists are terrifying because given similar technological advances, it’s not hard to imagine our own world going down the same path. I’m not going to get into the plot, but suffice to say it’s a smart series, that manages to avoid getting bogged down in itself like some other well-loved but flawed sci-fi adventures *cough* Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence *cough*. Action scenes are interesting and well shot when they come, but it’s the slowly unfolding story that grabs you by the back of the neck and doesn’t let go.


The show is absolutely beautiful, and if you tell me about how stunning it was watching it on your 100" OLED TV I might just cry because I watched it all on a smartphone. Fml

I’m giving it a 9/10, one of the best Netflix series’ to date and a future classic for any and all sci-fi aficionados. My one complaint? I feel like I’ve seen the “attractive female Spanish sidekick who’s passionate about what’s right, and has a strong attitude dammit! Plus catholic overtones!” so many times now at this point that it elicits a groan of boredom.


Anyways, go watch it. Ten hour-long episodes because Netflix loves you. As with all cult-classics, reviews are mixed, with some calling it the absolute greatest sci-fi series of the decade deserving a place on the (digital) shelf of all media lovers, and others calling it mediocre albeit with stunning visuals. To hell with critics, check it out for yourself! Wait... Except for me. I’m a GOOD critic. You can trust me, friend. Oh and there’s tons of nudity and violence, drugs, etc. I’d probably watch solo before showing your kid, but then again my dad probably (definitely) watched worse with me, and look at me now! I’m doing great! Got a fuckin’ Miata, and a condo, and a severe terror of dying in my sleep via Freddy Krueger, and....

FEEL FREE TO PUT SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS. If you haven’t watched, you have been warned.