Okay, so all your posts about the 70s Dodge Magnum just gave me some inspiration. What if Chrysler went the same route as GM and used the 80s Mexican Magnum as a competitor to the Buick Regal/G-body?

What if it was actually really good? What if they sold this instead of the Starion/Conquest as their RWD sports/luxury car?

In this alternate timeline, alongside the K-platform, Dodge maintained a separate line of RWD personal luxury coupes, much like they did with the LX platform in the 2000s, starting in the mid-80s with the Dodge Magnum, and expanding to an early 90s version of the Challenger, Charger, and 300, all using RWD with optional turbos.

Imagine that in 1985, before the GNX, Diamond-Star-Motors released a Mitsubishi turbocharger on a Dodge LA-block 318 or 340, branded as a MOPAR, in THIS body:


And imagine it was just as fast as the GNX would be, maybe more so, the following years.

What if, instead of the Viper, this was the start of the SRT brand, specializing with turbocharged V8s? The brand would be divided early on into normal K-Cars, and high performance SRT or MOPAR branded cars. Imagine that the Dodge Challenger was a derivative of these.


How would this play out in the 80s? Would Dodge have influenced US manfucaturers to adopt turbos nearly two decades earlier? Would RWD be a mainstay in the 90s instead of all the FWD coupes they made?

And even crazier, if by then they had used the Mitsubishi relationship to make personal luxury cars with better MPG and power, instead of economy cars, would they have still gotten involved with Daimler? Would Mitsubishi still be around or would Dodge have absorbed them entirely?


There would be no Chrysler Cirrus or Stratus or Cumulonimbus cloud cars, just captive import Mitsubishis, and big honking muscle sedans and coupes with their own SRT derivatives. They would sell on patriotism from Desert Storm and HP bragging rights, not high-tech interiors or blobby styling.