Anyone here drive or has driven a vehicle that is powered by alternative fuel? I would count petrol, diesel and electric as mainstream power sources. I mean alternatives like LNG, CNG, LPG (Propane), E85, Methanol, Hydrogen. I am willing to accept bio-diesel and alternatively generated electric, like vehicle mounted solar panels.

I drove a Mirai (hydrogen fuel cell) once, and met some of the people that worked on the drive train. I have not had any other experience with alt. fuels other than max 10% ethanol in my petrol.

After further research and comments below, here I some I missed:

  • B85 (85% Bio-Diesel)
  • Ammonia (!)
  • Nuclear reactor (+1 million points in the next Oppo rally if you have a nuclear car)
  • Compressed air
  • Liquid Nitrogen

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