Diligent digital auto tuner/prophet Theophilus Chin has come up with a whole Audi lineup featuring a different take on Audi grille everyone has grown accustomed to in the last decade or so.

He worked out how a grille along the lines of the “B6” A4 would look on several contemporary Audi models.

Some look very close to the current reality, others (e.g. TT) seem almost estranged, yet still appealing in their own way.

His take on the A8 W12, for example, does not do it for me, but that might just be the headlights, which do not integrate nearly as seemless as those on the previous-generation cars.

When it comes to the colossal Q7, I might even prefer this look to Audi’s gaping single-frame mouth.





A8L W12


A6 allroad




S3 Convertible

Want to see more alternate-universe Audis? Here’s the post with all altered cars.


For cars like the S3, I think the lower/upper grille division works much better than what they have.

Do you think Audi would have been less successful with these? Or would they have sold better?