Lately I’ve been itching to play some video games, specifically M-rated games. But as a parent, I don’t want my kid viewing the violence or the language, so I’m looking into alternative ways to connect my xbox 360.

I’m connecting the 360 through the hdmi cable, since the component/composite cable somehow broke. I’m currently using a flat screen tv, but it’s the same tv that we have Netflix connected to, and my kid (she’s 2.5) uses that tv. So if I play on that screen, she’ll see the game, which is the opposite of what I want.

I do have two computer monitors, both which have VGA connections, which is why I think a HDMI to VGA adapter would be beneficial. Although I then realized that, to my knowledge, there may not be sound since the sound is pumped through the hdmi cable, but VGA is picture only. So getting the sound split from the video would have to be considered.

So any thoughts oppo? Am I approaching this the right way with the adapters? Tvs are expensive (to me at least), so I’m really seeking out alternative ways to connect the console, so I can still game. Thanks!