Altruistic Sales Role?

One of the saddest things I encounter in my petrolheadery is when I go to a new-car dealership to drive a sporty car, and the sales rep knows nothing about the car or about driving. The MINI rep who couldn’t explain what the Sport mode does. The Nissan guy who can’t show me how to disengage auto-blip on a 370Z. All those guys who, when you tell them you’re cross-shopping, can’t stop asking, “but what would it take to get you into this car today?”

Most of them ask few questions about what I want from the car, or ask dumb ones.

I’ve had some great experiences too, including two awesome guys from VW and Mazda dealerships. But most are so meh!


It’ll never happen, but I love dreaming about even volunteering my time in sales. Helping people find the car that would meet their needs, not just whatever stupid marketing hype that got them in the door. Showing off the true shining points of the more capable models.

Any of you all ever have thoughts along these lines? Any of you been actual sales people and were able to make the magic without getting burnt out by profiteering management?

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