Specially if you own an old car. Seriously, this shit saves lifes. I literally mended my Tipo's throttle linkage today with some duct tape and a couple paper clips. That's some McGyver shit, right there. Zipties, too, are the shit. I'd used them before, but mostly to keep fuse boxes and breakers in place after the original bolts had lost their thread, but never to afix moving parts to each other. Now, since I don't really trust duct tape to carry me around until I can get a replacement part on Friday, I drilled a couple small holes at the linkage base and used some zip ties to keep the cable in place.

Took me less than twenty minutes total for both repairs, I didn't get stranded on the sidewalk and I didn't spend any Money in towing and repair costs. I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but really, that's why you should learn to wrench your own car.