I don’t usually take photos while flying but I do end up on planes pretty often out of the Los Angeles area and consider it quite the unique point of view. It just always seems to offer a commanding view of the surrounding mountains that is so easy to access seeing as I’m just sitting in a seat and peering out the window. While nearly everything else about flying kind of sucks, I at least take the time to appreciate the plusses when I can.

I didn’t really take any super interesting photos, but I think you should be able to get the idea if you’ve flown much before. I’ve also found it really rather interesting how cool it is to focus on how fast the plane is going during takeoff. You don’t really notice without looking out the window. At that point it’s kind of just a super fast car until all of a sudden you are in the air magically and cruising around.


Also, planes take you to really cool places sometimes so I continue to have quite the respect for these vehicles!