Working on the breaks brakes again.

I was driving the car on this.

More evidence that this thing is a pig. It’s got a cute little tail!

Shout-out to Power Brake Xchange, tiny little shop in pittsburgh that already had a rebuilt booster on the shelf. The perks of owning a GM car. They are few enough.



Also pictures of the previously mentioned fluid damage:


haven’t taken nor posted a picture of how she currently sits. I had my reasons. Here she goes:

Something I want to talk about: banjo bolts. Nobody told me I needed these. I had to run around like a chicken with my head cut off to find replacements so I could get the system sealed back up. Every store that actually carried them only carried one for some dumb reason. Especially considering the copper crush gaskets come in pairs. This is such a janky design, I can’t believe this actually works. Seriously what the fuck. If you aren’t familiar look it up.