Am Bored

Work is slow (as it always is on Saturday... WE SHOULD BE CLOSED!),

my YouTube searches of UrS4 videos is about played out and now all I want is for TFritsch doesn’t even like cars 99% of the time. But oh, that 1% to sell me his cause I have been looking for a cheap manual awd beater to use as I sell my GTO, buy a Chimaera, and to use so I don’t need to use the TVR everyday. Plus a car for the snow!

I mean one of these would be the perfect rig for light rallying and other things that I might feel a little bad about using the Chimaera for. Like hauling my surf and snow boards.


Also ordered new hood struts and tires for the GTO, then some paint work next week and BAT here she comes.

Anyway, that is what my day consists of

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