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Am I being Paranoid??

This morning, at 5:30 AM, my roommate left for the gym. There was an unknown Kia Soul in the street with a man sitting in the drivers seat. No big deal, the house next to me was just sold, remodeled, and the new neighbors moved in a week or two ago. It was probably someone they knew. A little after 7 AM, the roommate comes home and notices the car is still there. The man was still siting inside, smoking. I leave around 7:30 and notice he is still there, smoking, engine running. I planned on grabbing the plate number, but it is still on paper plates. I am more suspicious but I leave. Close to 9:00 AM my roommate leaves for work and texts me that the car is still there. The man is still inside smoking and the engine is still running. At this point, I text my friend who is a sales rep in the area to check on everything if he has a chance. He swings by around 10:30 and says the guy is still there. He goes to check out my place and says nothing is out of order. In this time, the guy leaves his vehicle and my friend is able to take a picture of the registration in the windshield. He notes there are a pile of cigarette butts outside of the car.

Right around the same time, I call the police station to report the suspicious activity. Am I being overly cautious or would you have called the police too? There haven’t been any break-ins but with new people next door, you never know what kind of friends they bring around. Maybe they saw a shiny red car in my garage and want to see what else is inside. Or maybe they are waiting for the girl down the street to leave for class and grab her. Who knows!

I would think it was a stakeout, but I’m pretty sure the Feds wouldn’t buy a KIA.

The KIA in question. Note the Cig butts on the ground

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