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Am I crazy?

At present, I'm happy with my Fiat 500. I work in a major city, and I don't carry passengers that often. When I do, the Fiat has plenty of space and enough comfort to keep my friends happy. Its 5MT and sunroof make it a lot of fun, and the overall character of the design makes me really happy to look at it and drive it.

But when I consider what my next car may be, I keep coming back to one vehicle that sort of embarrasses me to want. But want it, I do. The new Smart Forfour, which hasn't yet been confirmed for America, is that car. And should Daimler AG decide to prove the brand is aptly named by offering the Forfour in the US, I want to use this forum to think out loud and maybe get some feedback.



-RWD and rear-engined.

-A 5MT offered as standard equipment.

-Tiny 30' turning circle for fun and maneuverability.

-4 seats and 4 short doors for greater practicality.

-What looks like more space inside than my current 500 has.

-Two different types of available sunroof.

-Available in fun colors, inside and out.

-A cool-looking, incredibly modern interior.


-Daimler hasn't yet decided to sell it here.

-It looks like a Smart on the outside, which is to say, silly.

-Who knows what combination of transmissions and options it'll be available with should Daimler decide to sell it here.


-The "no one takes you seriously" badge and its Car2Go image.


I do think that the Forfour is incredibly Jalop, especially for a newer car. With its ass-engine layout and packaging efficiency, it's hard not to love. But am I, a 31 year-old guy, crazy for wanting one?

What do you folks think?

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