I might be going slightly crazy because the recent weather has caused my commute to become a lot more congested and longer. Because of this, I’d love an electric motor to crawl around in traffic, instead of getting low 20's in my GTI.

In reality, I do not need a hybrid, my car gets decent mileage and the increased price most likely negates the mileage savings unless I owned it for a long time.


However, am I the only one that thinks a decently affordable Sporty Hybrid would be great? The only one is recent memory I can think of (I don’t count the CR-Z) is the Jetta Hybrid. 1.4t with 150hp/180tq + electric motor, hooked up through a 7 speed DSG.

From what I’ve read, it was one of the more fun hybrids to drive. Downside, it didn’t return as great fuel economy compared to say a Prius, Civic Hybrid, etc.

I bet I’m not the only one who would dig something like a Golf GTE or say a Civic Si-E. Basically, a slightly electrified version of the sporty version of the manufacturers regular car. 

These probably wouldn’t the best MPG compared to a true hybrid with economy minded tires, suspension..ah fuck it, I just want one of these.

Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport-Turismo

Happy Commuting, everyone :D

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