Am I crazy? (Mali Update ish)

So the last few months have been absolutely crazy (well lets go with months). I had my event at Mt. Washington for New England Mazda Auto Club Inc./ Family Vacation, been to Germany & Italy for work, multiple family obligations, Buying a new car, Getting T-Boned in said new car, and a very little time working on the Mali.

See Kelso learning how to weld

OHSA Approved Attire

Now if you all remember in some previous post (I doubt it I can’t even remember my name) the plan for the Mali is to drive it from Mass up through Canada to the North West Territories, into Alaska and then back through the upper US states. The ideal is 2019 or 2020, 2019 would be a 10 year wedding anniversary. One of the challenges of the trip would be finding places to stay as our rough estimate would be 8hrs of driving a day so that we can enjoy the vacation. Well that got me thinking which can never end well. In 1964 it seems the Mali was rated to tow 5000 Lbs with its original straight 6 and 4 wheel drum brakes. I have upgraded to a 4 speed Auto and a 350CC V8.. Which leads me to looking at one of these:

A retro style camper trailer. I figure With a little modifications I can make a nice Class V trailer hitch for the back, add up some extra cooling and boom towmobile. This then would give us an easy place to crash every night, use a restroom, and extra storage for close so I can put a larger spare fuel cell in the trunk, (yes I’m doing a reserve tank). My BIL who is a mechanic sees no issues providing I make sure the trans cooler is up to the task as well as engine cooling.

I’ve been getting quite good at towing awkward things. See the trip to Mt. Washington, Where I used a 2016 Mazda 3 to tow a 4x8 enclosed trailer to carry the grills and tents around. Only had about 400Lbs Max in the back of it.

My 3 towing a trailer as big as it.
The Wife’s 6 on Mt. Washington

So Oppo am I crazy for wanting to use a 1964 to tow a camper 11000 miles across country?

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