So my wife and I have always enjoyed driving and we seem to drive everywhere. So after I gave her her Christmas present we started talking about planning a very long road trip.

Quick background, this is her Christmas present (wrenches play a big part in our family) The top is the license plates of where our families are from (Mine Left, Hers Right) and below are all the places we have been as a family (since having our daughter)

As you can see we have been slacking in the last 2 years since having her. One of the plates I really want is the Bear Shaped one from the North West Territories. One thing led to another and we decided that in 2017 or 2018 we are going to take a trip out there.

The biggest issue is time as its a roughly 60 hour straight drive. The other thought is to head to Alaska while we are out there. So this is the proposed route, Unfortunately it means about a month from work to relax so parts of the trip might be changed.


It Covers 8 Canadian Providences and 15 US States. Why Do I have to live on the wrong side of the country to see all the cool stuff. As I said route might have to be tweaked a bit or broken up somehow so we can actually stop places and do more than travel, especially since we will be bringing our daughter along.


I also realized that I would not trust any of my current cars to be able to a journey like this and still carry extra fuel, parts etc.

I had been thinking of finding a nice Crew Cab extended bed pickup as a daily driver anyways so this might finally be the justification. Granted any truck will need some mods to it. Extended tanks, Spare parts, etc.


So OPPO am I crazy for wanting to take a wife and a would be 5yo on a trip like this?