So this is a weird situation I got myself in to today. I was driving home from work (45 miles commute) going about 72 in a 65. This road people normally go about 80, and some mornings I have passed parked cops going 70, so I thought nothing of it (288 south of Houston for those of you in the area). Let me break down the whole scenario:

I was in the left lane passing an 18-wheeler cresting an overpass, as we go over I see a cop sitting on the right hand side of the road. After we pass, the 18-wheeler pulls behind me and I see the cop pull out. He gets behind the 18-wheeler as a large amount of cars are merging from an on-ramp. The 18-wheeler moves over. I notice there's no shoulder on the left, so I find a spot in the right hand lane in between some cars and leave my blinker on (signifying that I am going to pull over). The right lane is pretty congested, but I think the cop knew what I was doing and could have gotten over. I pull onto the shoulder only to see that the cop did not get over into the right lane and keeps going.

I see him about half a mile up on the side of the road with his lights on. I wait a minute and see he hasn't moved. I think to myself "well I guess I will pull up behind him" and pull into traffic. After I pull into traffic I see him take off onto an off-ramp. I go past it and do not see him coming back up. I guess he was planning on turning around and coming back to me?

So now I am a little scared that if he got my license plate he may try to get me for evading a police officer? I really was not trying to get away, just got a little overzealous on pulling over I guess.

The other thing is that it's a long empty stretch of road and I am sure he will be working it again sometime soon, I wonder if he will recognize me and pull me over then???


What do you guys think?

TL:DR; accidentally avoided a cop and I am now worried if I could be in trouble.

EDIT: Thanks everyone for your responses, I just have never heard of this situation before and am not sure at all how this works.