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Am I Just Fooling Myself?

So you most of you know top contender for HFV’s next car that isn’t in his user name is a 2012 Beetle Turbo. In my head I have justified it by thinking of t as a modern Saab 900. A turbocharged, FWD, liftback, with a nice interior. Infact that interior is the main reason I ruled out the Veloster, amp her car that reminds me of the old Saab. The Veloster’s interior is a hot mess, like most new car interiors. It’s just too busy for me. However the the Beelte’s is clean, simple and even kinda of retro.

Is the Saab better looking? Yes 1000x yes.

Does it have 2 more feet of flat load floor behind the front seats, yuuuup.

Can I buy one that is 6 years old with 54,000 miles, with no rust, working heated seats, and a modern stereo? And safety ratings that would will make my wife very happy? Nope. And nope


It’s a stretch but it kinda makes sense.

Also mod number one to the beelte would be getting smaller wheels those 18” wheels are ugly.

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