I showed my wife the picture of the Ferrari pit Vespa posted by My X-type is too a real Jaguar, and showed her the other Vespas in livery that I like. Most were shot down in flames, never to be heard from again.

Here are the ones that she potentially approved:

Martini Vespa

We liked this for the front.

And the rear:

But with my chrome mirrors and full chrome crash bars.

STP Vespa:


She really liked this one.

My Idea:

Using one of these as a model, change the racing stripes to yellow and black. Then use this logo:


And/or this: (but in yellow)

Don’t tell me this is not fucking cool:


There are so many cool badges I could incorporate:


After the Sunchaser, I know Nikon can help me. The last time I went to the shop, I rode the Vespa and the old hippie who works with Nikon talked my ear off about his love for Vespas, and they could help me design a killer wasp theme


What do you think?