Weird thing happened today while going out for dinner. I pulled into the parking space that was facing the open bar doors and saw three men eyeing my car pretty hardcore. So much so that Mrs. Firewrx noticed and pointed it out to me as well. As we got out, one of the three stooges exclaimed, “Your car is over engineered!” And after saying it once, he made sure to say it again right afterward to make sure I heard his witty comment. All that I could do was smile back and give him a thumbs up because I honestly could not find a problem with his comment or a way to make it derogatory. I was honestly flattered that a drunk felt so compelled to yell about my car when I most definitely didn’t have the flashiest nor the most expensive car in the lot. (Challengers with rims and large trucks with lifts surrounded me)

Either way, what is the weirdest comment you’ve heard about your car?