No, I don’t think I am, but I’m certainly close. Anyway, I just drove this ‘93 and I guess I found religion because oh my god it was awesome.

Pros: It’s a ‘93 Miata with a hard top for under $2k. It’s got some tasteful modifications, like a Borla exhaust and a strut bar. I also strongly suspect it has an aftermarket shifter, because that thing is on point. No rust, no rot. Pop up headlights work.


Cons: It has 190k, but the thing is tight as a drum. Needs tires and brakes, but that’s fun. I need to do some light modification to the interior so I fit better...namely I have to remove the arm rest from the driver’s door so I’ve got knee space and maybe a smaller diameter steering wheel, but not necessary.

Anyway, if my Land Cruiser transaction goes down correctly I’ll likely pick it up Saturday. Now to find a daily driver. Suggestions welcome.