Who, upon finding out that IP data isn't logged by Kinja, went "Well, no wonder you're getting spam. You clearly forget that you are on the internet. There's a reason why every other website does this stuff."

Kinja is like that den mother who gets all huffed and puffed when kids swear around her, and keeps shushing them to keep them quiet because she's so offended. She's not as cool or as knowledgeable as any of her peers, who can just bust balls with the best of them (Facebook, Google), or that awesome parent who lets their kids break minor laws as long as they aren't caught or harming anyone else (most blogs).

At the same time, there's no real rules that she has over her kids (and she doesn't even have authority to enforce them). The more she (including all of you) get upset by "not safe for life" pictures, the easier it is to shut you down.

This might be Web 2.0, but it doesn't mean human nature, or the wild west of the original web, hasn't changed. I'm a little surprised that, if this is possible, they didn't expect this to happen eventually. When you make a website, you come equipped to fight a war against stuff like this, or you consent to it happening.


Koenigsegg for your time.