Who would take a broken, unfinished, overambitious, bug-filled, outdated open-world racing game with an insanely large map over an extemely polished and critically acclaimed one with a significantly smaller one? TDU2 is the game I’ve wanted Forza Horizon to be since the first one came out. I guess it depends whether you’re more interested in the open-world or racing aspects of it; You can literally (and I do mean literally) drive around for hours in TDU and not see the same road twice, and to me, that makes the game infinitely more playable. I’ve had Horizon 1 and 2, and gotten bored of both in less than a week strictly because the maps have been so small. I’ve heard people say that 3 is twice the size of 2, and that may be so, but that’s still only a fraction of one of the islands in TDU.

(For reference, Honolulu is the city on the southern coast of the bottom left map, with the Ferrari logo on it. It’s about 2-3 times the size of Surfer’s Paradise in Horizon 3.)