I'm not THAT old, but I think I'm probably older than a decent portion of the Oppo posters. As posted a week or so ago, I'm looking to replace my gargantuan 2012 Tundra Crew. My search has narrowed on one car, at the moment, a 2014 Focus ST.

I placed the budget at an arbitrary $25k or under. With a couple of bucks in equity, and my hard ass negotiating skills, I expect to be out the door at any dealer at no more than $20k. Credit is good as well, I'm already approved at 0%. The car will mainly be a commuter, sometimes fun toy when I don't feel like driving the rather ragged edge modded Miata, which is definitely not a comfy cruiser.

So, that said, I'm not geriatric, but I'm not a 20 something youngster getting into his first new car. I'm nearing 43 and have a youngster in a booster seat that will be riding with me at times. The main family hauler will be the wife's '14 Grand Cherokee, with my vehicle seeing spot duty. Is the Focus my dream car? Well, no. But I'm sure it'll be fun, for a while at least.

I've found one locally, base model (I'm a bigger, but not a fat guy. I appreciate the Corbeaus in my Miata, I don't want the Recaros in the ST), that I've got at my $20k OTD price. I figure I can probably get it a couple of ticks lower as well. Why haven't I pulled the trigger? Well, maybe I'm too old to be tooling around in a hot hatch. Maybe I should settle for something less hot, say a base 6spd Mazda3 hatch. Maybe a base family sedan. One thing remains, whatever I get, it needs to be new or extremely new. It needs to be very low mileage (I'm not going to carmax to get into a zillion mile luxo car because of the cool ass warranty.) It needs to be in my self imposed budget.