Non-car content after the jump. This is legitimately the stupidest thing I’ve ever had to be annoyed about, and I get to be annoyed by some REALLY stupid things. Here’s a nice picture of my FZJ80 before I start.

Right, so a few months ago I got my cousin (my actual cousin’s ex husband) a job. One of the perks of the job is that we have what amounts to our own private bathroom where we store parking boots and paperwork.

The city no longer takes care of the bathroom, since it’s only us that use it, so we’re on the hook for buying toilet paper, soap, keeping it clean, etc. It’s fine, not a big deal.

He was out sick today, I went into the bathroom to kill some time on a Friday. I’m finishing up, I look down at the floor and there’s two rolls of toilet paper left. Which is odd, because only a day ago there were four rolls of toilet paper left.

In a weird coincidence, I took this picture yesterday:


At the time I was perturbed that the new roll of toilet paper was on the dirty ass floor, but more importantly, it proved my theory that there were four rolls left the day before.

Long story short, dude stole two rolls of toilet paper that I bought myself for the bathroom. If it was one I wouldn’t care and probably wouldn’t have noticed, but why two? Go buy your own god damn toilet paper, dude.

This is a Seinfeld-level of dumb shit for me to be annoyed about. It’s literally $1 worth of toilet paper, but the city didn’t put it there, I did. I’ll give you a dollar to buy toilet paper if you need it, but I don’t think he was broke, I think he was being lazy.


Anyway, that’s the real dumb shit I was annoyed by today.