Amazement level: Over 9000.

I brought this panel under the trim down to metal in a few spots yesterday. After much block sanding and contouring, it was ready for paint. The base I had mixed up was laying rather flat no matter what I did.....

Now I’m running low. Do I give in the towel and wait till Monday to buy more? I thought about it.


Then I saw it. A 16 oz can of Duplicolor I picked up a while back and had forgotten about. What the heck, I’ll give it a shot. Holy Crap! How is this laying down so nice?!

3 coats, some clear, and finally much later than I wanted it to be; it was done. The white you see between the lower molding and the top of the painted area is tape residue that I’ll rub/wax off in a few days.


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