Amazing Friend

So a some really good friends of mine are having relationship issues and I have been trying to help them figure out things. Even after 11 years of marriage they have issues and I am always happy to help. The wife talks to me more than the husband, but that’s just because guys talk less etc. Anyway the other day we were talking about goals and how life isn’t panning out how either of us want at the moment and what were things we both wanted to do and got to talking planse and wanting to get pilots licences. Well I have 2 planes I have always wanted a Learjet 25 and a Cessna 441 Conquest II because turboprops are fucking cool! Anyway she gave me this as a thank you for helping and to help maybe get me to do something new with my life.

It is 30 minutes on the ground and 30 minutes in the air. I was speechless. and so freaking excited!!!!!

Learjet 25 (used by NASA)
Cessna 441 Conquest II

I have a thing for older planes

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