Talking about minivans at work today, the new “Voyager” came up. I think given it’s just a cheaper Pacifica it will be a flop, especially considering it only starts $2k cheaper than the Pacifica.

Then I remembered the talk last year of building a swb minivan off the Journey’s platform. This got us talking, what if Chrysler made the Voyager this swb minivan?

They could keep the Journey’s Penta/6-speed/AWD chassis, change the body style slightly to add sliding doors/lower floor/better seating, and sell it close to current Journey/Grand Caravan pricing/packaging!


People’s 2 biggest complaints on minivans are their size and lack of AWD, kill 2 birds with one stone, give people smaller AWD minivans at an affordable price!

Illustration for article titled Amazing Idea

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