Basically, I ordered something from Amazon that had a guaranteed delivery date of Monday, but it didn’t arrive. I didn’t really expect to get a delivery on a holiday, and I’m in no rush to get my package anyway. The thing is, I received a delivery notification saying that the Postal Service had tried to deliver, but the mailbox was blocked and no one was available to receive the package. Which was total BS, because I was home all day and no one tried to deliver anything. My guess is that I was one of the last stops on the route and the courier figured they’d just say the package was undeliverable and knock off early. I don’t really care and I don’t think people should have to work holidays anyway, but it kind of irked me, since it made it out to be my fault, and because the package was recorded as undeliverable, I have to either reschedule a delivery time or pick up the package from the post office, which irritates me more.

Anyway, I sent an email to Amazon the whole thing, how I’ve been a Prime member for years, and how this sort of thing never used to happen before they partnered with the USPS (as an aside, I am a huge fan of the Postal Service, and I’m happy for them to have any partnerships that will bring in money). I got this response:

So, basically, in addition to a free month of Prime, Amazon’s systems will, all things being equal, prioritize shipping my packages through UPS, DHL, or FedEx over using USPS. I really doubt that this will make much difference in practice, but that was not a solution to my complaint that I was expecting. Good on you, Amazon.