Amazon Order Reduction Goal - February Update

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After a good showing in January, my February Amazon order reduction has... not gone as well. My goal was a 15% reduction in orders (quantity and cost) and I exceeded that in January with a 52% reduction in the number of orders. February, however...


[Standard Disclaimer] This is not to spend less money, though that might be a happy side effect. The goal was to reduce Amazon usage because they are becoming increasingly evil, customer service and on-time fulfillment are worse then they ever have been, and Jeff Bezos is essentially a Bond villain. Plus the whole HQ2 thing? “Sponsored” search results taking over the search page? Fake reviews!? My distrust and dissatisfaction with the company has grown over the last year or so and as a result I am trying to make them less of a presence in my life.

In February 2018 I ordered 34 items from Amazon.

In February 2019 I ordered 18 items from Amazon!

That is a 47% reduction in order quantity and a 38% reduction in spend. Not as bad as I was expecting!


(Feel free to check my math on that though. (34-18)/34 = 0.4706... right?)

So... Why is this on Oppo?

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As with January I’ll detail the car parts I bought from Amazon and elsewhere!


So many car parts!! This month I ordered new lug nuts, wheel spacers, fuel one way valve, LED backup lamps, and better wheel spacers from Amazon.


In classic Amazon fashion, the four sets of lug nuts arrived in three separate boxes.



RockAuto was the primary recipient of my love money this month, with a fair few Wagovan parts getting shipped out from them. I also hit up the local car parts stores for fluids a couple times, but that is hardly remarkable.

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So yeah. Super happy with that. Hopefully I can keep my numbers hovering around 50% for the rest of the year. Unlike at the end of January, I don’t really have any pent up orders right now, so that should make a difference. That said, the Wagovan build is in full swing right now, so anything can happen!


Interested in crunching your own numbers? Amazon has a how-to on generating history reports here.

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