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Amazon Order Reduction - March

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Man I knew you guys would be super excited to see this new update on how well I am doing reducing the amount of stuff I’ve been ordering on amazon! Well here it is!


My goal was for 2019 reduce the amount of stuff I buy from Amazon by 15%. This isn’t to save money, though I hope that is a secondary effect, but because I’ve increasingly been dissatisfied with Amazon’s politics and customer service.

January went super well, with a 52% reduction in orders. February also went surprisingly well, coming in at 47% reduction.



In March of 2018 I purchased a total of 46 items on Amazon.

In March of 2019 I purchased a total of 25 items. That is a 45.6% reduction in number of purchases and a 41.1% reduction in overall spend.


Not bad, but does show a worrying upward trend. Given that I, unrelated, ordered five things today, with more to come as we have an offroading trip coming up, I’m a little worried.

Still. Penny saved, etc.

So why is this on Oppo?

CAR STUFF! what kinds of car stuff did I buy on Amazon and where were my alternative sources?

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On Amazon

Lots of stuff here. Air cleaner conversion for the Civic, fuel hose, and a lot of plastidip related stuff.


I also bought another external TPMS system because I liked the existing one so much. Also a lot of bolt on offroading stuff, a lot of which is going back.

Fun times

Not on Amazon

RockAuto and O’Reily Auto sold me some stuff for the Civic. Also threw a big chunk of cash at Classic Alfa for for bits for the Alfa.


Funny enough I spent a fair chunk of change on Walmart over Amazon. Walmart’s oil prices were a little cheaper, they had the filter I wanted, and they offer free 2-day shipping with Saturday delivery. 10 quarts of oil and a filter delivered to my door for $67... not bad!

Then again you know a company is getting pretty evil when Walmart seems like the better option...


On to next month!

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